HB Switch map for AiM ECU

HB Switch map for AiM ECU


Brand new map switch for AiM ECU develop by TomasinR&D.  This allows any user to switch dynamically between two of the 10 power modes maps. For more information contact us via WhatsApp or use the form.


The HB switch map for AiM ECU allows the user to switch on the handlebar between two of the 6 pre-programmed maps develop by TomasinR&D. “Map 1” (fixed) and any other map (selectable via ECU X10 switch). Moreover the map switch easily plugs directly into the ECU 8 Way Expansion Port connector. Click here for an example.

PAY ATTENTION: The connector housing or pins can be damaged if incorrect connection methods are used. Before inserting the connector, remember to align the locking tab.

The AiM ECU has 6 ignition & fuel maps programmed into it. This will allow the selection of up to 6 performance settings. To access these settings put the map switch for AiM ECU in the “MAP” position and then using a small screwdriver select 1-0 on the rotary switch under the rubber cap on the AiM ECU. The map switch position “MAP l” will always be Position 1 on the X10 switch and the map switch position “MAP” can be any Position 1 through 0 as selected on the X10 switch on the ECU.
Therefore you can still switch dynamically via the handlebar map switch. From “MAP l” (map I only) to “MAP” (any map from 1 through 0)
If the map switch is unplugged then the X10 Switch determines the MAP selected.

For use the HB switch and canbus connection for data recording, upgrade your connection with follow extension:


For more information contact us via WhatsApp or use the form.

Note: We accepts no responsibility for damage or injury caused by this product.

Please see our TERMS&CONDITIONS section
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