Kit Taipan ECU with Switch map

Kit Taipan ECU with Switch map



This kit includes :

  • Taipan ECU
  • Switch map

Taipan is the brand-new aftermarket plug & play ECU created by AiM, exclusively designed for off-road motorcycles. Thanks to its high technology 32-bit core, it represents an important step forward to improve the performances of your motorcycle, without sacrificing reliability and smoothness.
The ECU is programmed with 6 custom maps fully developed by Tomasin R&D.

The Switch map is the best way for changing the behaviour of your motorcycle it features 2 push-buttons and 10 LEDs and manages the following settings:

1) Change running map.
2) Apply fuel corrections.
3) Activate traction control.
4) Activate launch control.

The switch map can be used as a handlebar switch or as a handheld device to modify the behavior of the ECU if the latter is difficult to access.

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Honda, Husqvarna, KTM, Gas Gas, Kawasaki


CRF 450L, CRF 250 RX, CRF 300 RX, CRF 450 RX, CRF 400 RX, CRF 250, CRF 450, FC 250, FC 350, FC 450, FC 450 ROCKSTAR EDITION, SXF 250, SXF 250 TROY LEE DESIGNS, SXF 350, SXF 450, SXF 450 FACTORY EDITION, MC 250F, MC 350F, MC 450F, KXF 250, KXF 450, EXCF 250, EXCF 350, EXCF 450, EXCF 500, EXCF 500 SIX DAYS, XCF-W 350, XCF-W 500, XC-F 250, XC-F 350, XC-F 450, XC-F 350 KAILUB RUSSELL, FE 250, FE 350, FE 450, FE 501, FE 350 ROCKSTAR EDITION, EC 250F, EC 350 F, FS 450, SMR 450

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