Kit Taipan ECU with Remote Assistance for Fantic

Kit Taipan ECU with Remote Assistance for Fantic



This kit includes :

  • Taipan ECU
  • UC Bridge (Remote Assistance)

Taipan is the brand-new aftermarket plug & play ECU created by AiM, exclusively designed for off-road motorcycles. Thanks to its high technology 32-bit core, it represents an important step forward to improve the performances of your motorcycle, without sacrificing reliability and smoothness.
The ECU is programmed with 6 custom maps fully developed by Tomasin R&D.

The AiM UC Bridge is the connection between the CAN-Bus of the ECU and the port USB port of your PC.

With Spark program and UC Bridge you can modify the fuel correction map, ignition correction map and quick shifter set up from all maps.

You will require the UC Bridge for the following functions:

  • Receive remote assistance and remapping directly from us.
  • Transfering new and different maps to your ECU through the UC Bridge.
  • Receive the diagnostic information from the Taipan ECU.

For download and install the program and receive the remote assistance you need to discovering a follow link:


For more information contact us via WhatsApp or use the form.

Additional information


XXF 250, XXF 450, XEF 250, XEF 450, XEF RALLY

Production years

2020, 2021, 2022, 2023


Enduro, Motocross – Outdoor, Rally, Supercross

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