Rev Guardian user guide


1. Connect the Rev Guardian to the power charger

Make sure the Rev Guardian is fully charged : 7,4 V (Green light indicates
that the battery has reached the full charge). The system has an autonomy of
7-8 hours of continuous usage.

2. Where to place the Rev Guardian

Mount the REV Guardian on the bike making sure it is either suspended or
protected by a foam spacer to prevent damage from vibrations to the

Rev Guardian Suspended
Spacer tutorial 1080

3. How to connect the Rev Guardian

Rev Guardian has two cables:
– The black one is connected to the spark plug cap and it’s used to record the
rev engine data.
-The JST 8poly used to connect the device to a computer running the
program to download the data.


4. How to activate the system

Inside the Rev Guardian kit you will find a key that will allow you to activate
the device switch as you can see in the pictures below. (A yellow light indicates
the device is turned on)


5. Download and install Race Studio 2

Once a test session is over it is possible to download data sampled by the
logger. Connect the Rev Guardian to a pc running AiM’s Race Studio 2.
Click here to download the program.


6. Download the session data

To start the data download process for the Rev Guardian press the “Download data” button on the menu bar.

Click on Download data

Choose folder button
This button allows the user to select the file destination folder.

DRK File name button
This button allows you to save data with a custom name.

Central keyboard
These buttons allow you to decide which data to download.
– Pressing the “Select all” button all runs stored in the logger memory are
– Pressing the “Deselect all” no run is downloaded.
– To download only some runs: select them manually in the central table. As
shown here below, placing the mouse pointer near to each run the system
automatically shows the actual setting of that run. Just change it as needed.

Bottom keyboard
Bottom buttons manage data download and memory deletion of the logger.
– “Clear data logger memory” : deletes the logger memory without
downloading data.
– “Download selected runs, then clear memory” : downloads
selected runs and then deletes the logger memory.
– “Download selected” : downloads selected runs and does not clear
logger memory.

When data download is set and data characteristics defined, press the desired
download button. Download waiting bar starts showing the download
progression and at the end the software comes back to Race Studio 2 main

Download Data Window

For more information about this product or if you have any problem following the guide, contact us via WhatsApp or use the form.

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