Switch map user guide



Connecting the switch map to the ECU

Insert the male JST 8-pin cable into the female JST 8-pin connector of the Vortex ECU.

Warning : The JST connectors have a one way connection and lock, a button is present on the male connector and a slot is present on the female connector. Align them and connect them carefully making sure to not damage the contacts.

Connecting the switch map to ecu

The switch on the Switch Map

The switch on the handlebar is used to select between 2 of the 10 available maps.

– Map 1 “Full power” : the map with the higher performance
– Map X10 : the map you chose with the trim.

Full power map

How to select 1 of the maps

The Vortex ECU has 10 pre-programmed power settings (from aggressive to linear).
Insert the screwdriver into the trim and select the map you prefer.

There are 10 maps :

– Map 0 : launch control
– Map 2-8 : customized maps
– Map 9 : neutral map

Map Select

Functioning of the carburation trims

With the three trims (LO, MID, HI) you can modify the carburation with the following references:

LO: 5-25% of the accelerator
MID: 33-66% of the accelerator
HI: 75-100% of the accelerator

Every step on the trims increases or decreases the quantity of fuel by 2,5%. The default position is “5, 5, 5” (in this position there are no further correction compared to the base map).

NOTE: it is not advisable to set it lower than default unless you are an expert engine tuner or you are monitoring the stoichiometric ratio with a Lambda sensor. An air/fuel ratio higher than 0,95 can cause serious damage to the engine.

Functioning of the carburation trims

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